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I am Karabo. I am a struggling creative. The struggle stems from the fact that I've had some traumatic experiences that compelled me to subdue or numb my expressive side. As a result, I have forgotten how to channel my creativity. This website serves to help me rediscover my creative juices and hopefully, by sharing whatever I decide to put here, inspire someone else. Enjoy...

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My Plan

To rejuvante the creativity, I plan to produce a variety of content thus allowing me to tap into different realms of production. I currently have access to various software so I will be producing videos, images, illustrations, music and written content. I will group the content under the selected 'main categories' but each should provide different types of content that are in some ways, linked to the other categories.

The main objective here is not so much how the content will immerge but rather using these tools in a manner that promotes self-express. I want to find my inner-voice, hear it and become accustomed to the sound of it. When I fully understand it, use it. I believe that self-expression is an essential part of the human experience. It not only permits the discovery of your identity but is salubrious for the future of your mental health. I have kept my thoughts to myself, my mouth remained shut or I spoke in a soft tone. This is where I scream and shout. I don't really know what that will look or sound like but I am really looking forward to the outcome.

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